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zann-consortium reviews Star Trek: Legacy (X360)

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zann-consortium said...

Star Trek: Legacy can best be described as a "mixed bag" giving moments both of pure joy and object hatred. Yes really! With a great selection of ships spanning multiple Star Trek series, a plot line that wouldn't seem out of place as a TV episode (and yes, that is a good thing) and a reasonable multiplayer mode which (while not great) definately adds to the games package.

The only real problem is the controls which can take a little while to get used to and as such it's very easy to get confused as to which direction your facing.

Achievements are actually pretty good with a good mix of single/multiplayer achievements spread over the main story campaign mode and the online multiplayer aspect. Thankfully the multiplayer achievements can be boosted really easily with 2 players (although 4 is even easier). The only downer is that the campaign difficulty achievements do not stack, which does mean 3 seperate playthroughs ... oh well, it's such a hard life being a Trekkie ain't it!

Game Traits applied to Star Trek: Legacy (X360) by zann-consortium

  • The Setting:
    Star Trek universe
  • Playing As:
    Starfleet captain
  • Playing Against:
    The Borg
  • How it's Played:
    spaceship combat
  • General Tone:
Star Trek: Legacy

Star Trek: Legacy (X360)

Genre/Style: Strategy/Action Strategy
Release Date: 14/DEC/06
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